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Painter Fremont has the training and years of experience to provide interior painting solutions and services to make your home shine again. Rooms with faded, stained paint will never look their best, but a new coat of paint will give each room a whole new life. Homeowners in Fremont deserve the best painting service for their investment, and we are proud to provide that.

Commercial interiors are also improved by our expert painting solutions. The company is bonded, licensed, and insured for our customers' protection, and we offer strong warranties. To get the best results on every job, we use only high-quality materials. By hiring professional painters, the property owner will get a faster, better-quality painting job done.

Residential Painting

Residential painting projects require special preparation and safety measures to keep the rest of the house clean and safe while each room is being prepared and painted. Each room needs to be masked off and ventilated so paint fumes don't go into the rest of the home. The flooring and furniture need to be moved out of the way and covered for protection. Walls need to be repaired and made ready for the final coat of paint. And, the job must be done quickly so the family can have the room back. Large or whole house painting jobs might require the family to leave the home for a short time.

Commercial Painting

Commercial painting jobs require high-quality paints and commercial application methods with professional-grade equipment, such as airless paint sprayers. Since businesses need to limit downtime, we work efficiently and quickly to finish the job on a schedule that works for you. Small painting jobs can be accomplished during off-hours, such as evenings or weekends. Whole-facility painting jobs can be scheduled for the most convenient times to limit business interruptions.

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The Benefits of Interior Painting

Getting the interior rooms of a home or commercial building painted offers many benefits. A new coat of paint can breathe new life into a tired building interior. Paint color can make a room seem warmer, more contemporary, or more pleasant to spend time in.

Changing the Appearance of a Property

Repairing walls and adding a new coat of paint can make any space look new again. Paint is one of the most effective and affordable ways to freshen up a room or a whole building. Changing the color of paint can give a room a whole new feeling and personality. Colors that were popular five or ten years ago might not seem so attractive today, but they can be changed with a new coat of paint.

Improve Air Quality

When space is cleaned and painted with modern, environmentally friendly paints, the air quality is improved. New low or no VOC paints eliminate chemical smells when a property is painted.

Increasing Property Value

A newly painted home will be worth more than a home with old, dull, stained paint. A recent HomeGain 2012 seller survey showed that painting your property can bring as much as a 107% return on investment. Buyers will pay more for a property they do not need to paint right away. Being move-in ready is a huge selling point with Realtors.

Attracting Potential Buyers

When a property owner decides to sell a home or commercial property, they need to sell it quickly for the best price so they can move on to their new location. A thorough cleaning, doing small repairs, and giving the whole interior a fresh, light coat of paint will impress Realtors as they assign a selling price. Then, the fresh new paint will impress potential buyers and get the property sold faster.

Protecting the Property

When walls are repaired and given a new coat of paint, they are protected from moisture, mold, and mildew. The signs of wear and tear, such as dents and scratches, are gone, and the wall is protected with the new coat of paint. In addition, a new coat of quality paint will make the walls easier to clean.

Adding Personality and Style

When a person buys a home, they don't have a choice in wall paint colors. By painting the home's interior colors you choose, you make it yours. You choose the color to please yourself and coordinate with the decor you want. Painting rooms to coordinate with the furniture and art you bring to the home can make everything fit.

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We Offer the Painting Services You Need

At Painter Fremont, we have trained and licensed professionals to help our customers with all of their painting-related needs. All it takes is a call to our representatives to see what services we can provide. We do more than paint walls, we can paint all the elements found in a house or commercial property

We Provide These Services

Painting With Wall Preparation

This service includes repairing the walls and getting them ready to paint. It also includes protecting the floors and furniture and masking off rooms if needed.

Cabinet Preparation and Painting

Kitchen, bathroom, and built-in cabinets need special preparation for successful painting.

Color Matching

We can match the colors of existing paint or a color sample you have found.

Painting Ceilings

Don't ignore the ceiling in a property. Ceilings can become stained and dull over time. If there have been cigarette smokers, the ceilings will need to be cleaned and painted.

Drywall Repair

Our professionals can repair small scratches to major drywall damage, making the wall look new again.

Painting With Wall Preparation

This service includes repairing the walls and getting them ready to paint. It also includes protecting the floors and furniture and masking off rooms if needed.

Wood Reconditioning

Wood reconditioning for both inside and outside wood finishes can add years to the life of the wood and make it look much nicer.

Painting Trim and Crown Molding

If the paint on the walls needs to be replaced, the chances are the trim around windows, floors, and ceilings also need to be painted.

Wallpaper Removal

We can remove old wallpaper, clean the glue off the walls, and repair the walls so they can be painted.

Accent Walls

You are not limited to one paint color per room.

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